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Porcelain floor tiles are not just a source of beauty and enjoyment, though that is what they do best! They are also an investment in the value of your home. As today’s housing market experiences tumult, potential buyers are savvier and can often see past a new coat of paint to the foundation of the home. They are looking for quality, in addition to appearance.

Visitors will see the pride you take in your home, the care you have lavished on it, the beauty that it holds, and the lasting quality they can expect.  With tile, you can create any number of looks, from sleek sophistication to charming, cozy cottage. It creates a focal point of any room. The look and feel of porcelain tiles instantly and effectively conveys quality, simplicity, and a hint of opulence at the same time. Any prospective home owner who walks into a room and is greeted by beautiful tile floor mosaics will fall in love.

Beyond surface appearances, high quality Wayne porcelain tile floors are very durable and resistant to impact, chemicals, water absorption, staining, and scratching. Maintenance is very easy, particularly with a well-glazed tile. This also makes it a very hygienic choice in any room, particularly the kitchen and bathroom. This is certainly a selling point with any home buyer.

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